What to expect 

The first session is an opportunity to talk about the challenges that have bought you to therapy, and involves getting to know a little bit about you and your life experience, in order to put your challenges into context. It also gives you the opportunity to see whether I am someone you’d like to work with. By the end of the session, hopefully we’ll have an understanding of your difficulties and be able to identify specific therapy goals that you would like support with.

In the first few sessions I will make suggestions about how to approach your specific challenges, and the time frame that may take. Sometimes difficulties can be resolved within 2-3 sessions, other times more extensive therapy is necessary and can extend to 10 or more sessions. This can be discussed and revised as we go along, taking into account your needs and preferences.


I may ask you at times to reflect on things in between sessions, or practice new skills in order to more effectively make changes outside the therapy session.

How much does a session cost?

Initial appointments are 75mins and cost $175

Follow-up appointment are 60 mins and cost $160 

Payment can be made via internet banking on the day of the appointment, or in cash.  

Low income clients and students, may also be eligible for funding from WINZ or Study Link, please enquire with Jessica.


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a cancellation. This is to allow sufficient time for the appointment to be offered to someone on the waiting list. A late cancellation fee of $80 may be charged within 48h and a full fee is charged for a cancellation on the day of the appointment. 

Appointment times are currently available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10 -6pm.

Jessica provides support to individuals 18y +